12 week cycle of learning and training in MMA. Strive to improve your mental and physical abilities. Each cycle ends with a test in comparision to where you started. Focus is improving skills, working drills, and pushing for thrills. Enriching, exciting, and empowering class.

Action Certification

Krav Maga directly translates to “Contact Combat” from Hebrew and is the official self-defense and close-quarter combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli security agencies. Krav Maga draws on natural instincts and reflexes. It builds situational awareness, ability to survive, confidence and fitness level.

Coordinating with the 12 week programming for Cosmic MMA this class has mobility, strength, and power workouts. Each week centers around a joint and muscle structure. Intensity increases throughout the weeks. Before recycling back to continue making progress. Great time to ask coach questions regarding your specific programming.

Mix Martial Art Classes Syllabus in Mound, MN

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