The Professional Gym in Mound

It’s never been more important to take a holistic approach to your body. We focus not just on helping you get in good shape, but making your whole body stronger and more flexible. We strive to get you long-lasting results that will make you healthier and more energized down the road/ It's time you invest in your body!


When it comes to transforming your body and getting in the best shape, it’s all about what eating right. We develop an individualized nourishment program for you to follow. Focusing on habits and changing behavior we devise a strategy that is proven to work for a lifetime based your individual needs. We work with you side-by-side throughout the entire process!


We’re not joking when we say we get people in the best shape of their life. Our workouts are intense, focusing on the whole body, developing strength in all areas. We want you to not just increase muscle, but also gain flexibility and quickness. While we push you to be your best, we also go at your speed. We want you to be comfortable yet determined at the same time!


Ankle Cuff Exercises

Cardio Combo Belt


Engage the body, and you engage the mind. Rest the body, and your mind will wander. This couldn't be any more true at 3soteric Life. We push your body while enlightening your mind through exciting, enriching and empowering classes. We allow your mind to be completely enraptured in the present, void of stresses of the future or regrets of the past. 
For the ultimate gym experience, call (952) 388-9479!
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